How to deal with ‘political harassment’

As of this writing, the Huffington Post and Twitter have not taken action against political memes, but their administrators have been busy.Last week, HuffPo announced that they would be banning memes that “promote violence, incite violence, or violate the rights of others.”This was a major blow to the right-wing media […]

FiveThirtyEight: Who wins the 2016 presidential race?

FiveThirtyeight: Who will win the 2016 election?By Patrick SvitekA poll released by FiveThirty Eight Wednesday finds that the race for the White House will be won by either Democrat Hillary Clinton or Republican Donald Trump.The poll also found that Clinton would receive a comfortable victory over Trump, with just under […]

Democrats want to be the party of gun control

The Democratic Party has long supported stricter gun laws.However, the party has now endorsed legislation that would allow gun owners to legally carry concealed handguns in public places.Democrats have been pushing for gun control legislation for years, but this is the first time the party’s official platform has come out […]

Political Compass explained: What is it?

Political Compass is a tool developed by a team of political scientists, economists, statisticians and political analysts to provide a comprehensive analysis of political and policy topics.The team has conducted extensive field research across all three major political parties and the media in India.In this podcast, we explain how Political […]

How To Be A Woman Who Can’t Be A Bullying Girl

The word “bullying” is often associated with women in a male-dominated environment.But the term is also used to describe people who act in ways that threaten the safety of others, whether it’s bullying or physical abuse.And in many cases, the behaviors they commit are rooted in gender bias, according to […]

How to write a joke that is not politically incorrect

It’s a bit like writing a poem.“The joke is what it is,” said Mark Cuban, the host of the satirical political comedy show “Political Corruption” on ABC Radio Melbourne.But Cuban said there is a big difference between what’s politically correct and what’s not.“It’s like a poem is like a story,” […]


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