Politico: Politico’s new podcast for 2016

By Andrew HarnikPolitico is introducing its new podcast, Politics, with a focus on the political news and politics of 2016.

The podcast will be released on Monday and features interviews with some of the 2016 presidential hopefuls, as well as former presidential candidates including Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

The first episode will focus on Clinton’s presidential campaign and the Democratic primary, which ended on July 15.

“We wanted to do a show that was both topical and topical in its subject matter, and one that would be able to reflect on 2016 and look at the political landscape, but also be a bit of a window into the current political landscape,” Politico senior vice president of product Matt McLaughlin told The Australian Financial Magazine.

“You can kind of take a look at how the current politics have played out over the last couple of years and see how they have impacted the way that you live your day.

It’s an approach that you’d find on Politico.”

The show will be delivered by a panel of political and policy experts, including political strategist Matt McLoughlin, former US Vice President Joe Biden and political commentator Glenn Greenwald.

Politico also hopes the podcast will help highlight what the public has learned from the 2016 election.

“Politico will help inform the conversations we have about the current moment, which is really critical,” McLaughlin said.

“We want the podcast to provide us with a way to tell stories about 2016, and to tell them from the perspectives of the people who were involved in it.”

The podcast will also be available on iTunes and the Politico app, but the company will be focusing on its 2016 election coverage.

The podcast, which will be available for a one-month subscription for $29.99, will feature interviews with former presidential contenders Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.

“Bernie Sanders and I are both big fans of podcasts, so we are very excited to be working with Matt on this,” Sanders said in a statement.

The former first lady, senator and first lady will join political reporter and producer Matt McLouglin and former US Secretary of State John Kerry.