How much is too much? The new rules are just the beginning

What’s a politician to do?

In the United States, the rule that says politicians must not raise money for political campaigns has become the new norm.

But in Europe, the rules are not so simple.

In Germany, the same principle is now in place for national parliaments. 

In a rare interview, Germans chancellor Angela Merkel spoke out against the new rule, telling the BBC’s Martin Patience she has no intention of accepting the new rules as they stand.

She added: I don’t think we have a problem with the fact that the law requires us to report the names of those who donate to our campaigns, but it is wrong for the government to decide who is able to contribute and who is not. 

So what’s the problem? 

In Europe, there are two parties who have called for a boycott of political parties and individuals who raise funds for political parties, as long as they don’t raise money from the private sector. 

One of them is the Green party, which says it opposes the new law because it will be too difficult for the Greens to support candidates on their own. 

The other party is the left-wing Social Democrats, which argues that the new laws will give the political parties more control and will be detrimental to the functioning of the European political system. 

According to the Green Party, the new policy is the result of a political crisis sparked by the Brexit vote, and a political witch hunt by the right-wing parties. 

Germany is currently considering how to react to the new legislation. 

What happens next? 

Germany’s parliament is expected to vote on whether to impose the new regulations, which could come into force as early as next week. 

“The Green Party is concerned about the new election laws, because they will give politicians more influence and will further diminish the democratic system,” a spokesperson for the party told The Guardian. 

How to get more out of politics? 

If you are looking for a career, you should get involved in politics and do your bit to improve the political process. 

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