Alabama governor takes on ‘politically correct’ tweets

AUSTIN, Texas — Alabamians are increasingly using social media to vent about their frustrations about politics and to express support for one another, with Gov.

Kay Ivey taking aim at tweets that were meant to be political.

In a tweet Friday, Ivey said the Twitter account of a man who is the president of the state Republican Party, who she described as a “political hack” who used the account to disparage her and other elected officials, “is a political hack.”

The tweet has been deleted, but the governor’s office said it would not be immediately removed.

Ivey said she has contacted the person behind the account, who has been verified by Twitter, and asked the person to stop using the account.

She said that person is not allowed to use the account for any purpose except for political purposes, adding, “The only reason he has been able to use it is because he is a political hacker.

He has been a very good friend of mine.

And he has done nothing wrong.

He was just using the political hack account to publicly bash my office.”

The man who tweeted the tweet was not identified.

Ivy said she had never heard of this person before, but that she and other state lawmakers have a duty to be concerned about political hacking.

I asked him why he was tweeting that, and he told me, “It’s because we need to get our message out and keep our state’s name on the world stage.”

She said it was important for lawmakers to know their constituents, and that her office would continue to monitor the Twitter accounts of state officials who have used the political hacks account.

Ivey tweeted Friday, “If you are an elected official, you have a responsibility to be very concerned about what is being posted on social media.

There are consequences for your actions.

Please know that your actions have consequences.”

The Republican Party is trying to combat the use of the accounts by state officials, and Ivey’s office has posted an advisory about social media and online abuse on its website.

State Rep. John Hargett, a Republican from Jasper, said the governor should be careful not to allow the use for political gain of her office’s Twitter account.

But she’s got to be smart and she’s also got to know the ramifications of what’s being said online. “

The fact that she has to look at it and make sure she’s following all the rules that govern what’s going on.

But she’s got to be smart and she’s also got to know the ramifications of what’s being said online.

I think that we’ve got to make sure that we’re very careful about how we use our social media accounts.”

Hargett added that Ivey has “taken on the social media war in her state,” saying she is “not just a politician.

She’s an American.”

Hagett said the use by state lawmakers of the Twitter hack account is “a violation of public trust and it has the potential to have negative consequences.”

“It has to be a matter of the utmost importance that our elected officials know what is happening in their district and that they are accountable,” he added.

I know this is a very tough time in our state, and this is the first time in history that an elected member of our legislature has had to go into the office and say, ‘Hey, I’m going to do something and I’m not going to take any action until I get a clear answer.’