Ars Technic’s political documentaries series aims to debunk conspiracy theories

The Ars Technics Political Documentaries series aims at debunking conspiracy theories.

Each week, a new political documentary from a major tech news outlet, a website with political leanings, or a new game developer, all feature a different theory about a major political issue.

There’s a certain amount of overlap between the topics covered, and it’s also an exercise in storytelling.

But each week, it’s a different sort of story.

This week’s is a special episode on conspiracy theories, with an in-depth look at the phenomenon.

It begins with a look at a famous conspiracy theory, and goes on to explore other myths that have been debunked.

We talk to a prominent tech journalist who thinks we should be more concerned about the real dangers posed by the internet than the fake ones.

And we talk to the tech community’s most popular conspiracy theorist, a developer who’s dedicated his career to debunking myths, and a journalist who’s written a book on the subject.

And there’s a lot to digest.

The episode’s the second in a series on conspiracy theory debunking, the first of which will be on January 12.

I’ve had a few requests for this episode to appear here, so I’ll do so.

But for those of you who have already watched the previous episodes, this one is the definitive version.

It’s a must-watch.