How to read the chart: political spectrum chart – political campaign

The political spectrum charts that come out every four months offer a look at the major parties in Australia’s parliament, but they can be misleading.

The chart below compares the two main parties, Labor and the Greens, since 2001.

While the Greens have more seats, they’re in the minority of the opposition parties.

The Liberals are in the middle of the pack, with five seats, with the Nationals in the bottom three.

The Greens and Nationals both have four seats, the Greens one and the Nationals one.

This chart compares the current Labor/NDP opposition coalition and the Coalition/Labor coalition since 2001, and the Liberals/Nats opposition since 2014.

The current opposition coalition has the lowest percentage of its seats in each of the three political areas, with just over a quarter of its votes going to the Coalition.

Labor and Greens have similar percentages of seats, but have the same percentage of the seats in the Liberal/Nationalist opposition coalition.

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