Cats and the Fox News Debate: Can a Black Man be a Politician?

The debate between cat advocates and the White House over the inclusion of the felines in the President’s “Cats in the Whitehouse” campaign began with a cat joke.

Fox News host Shepard Smith joked, “I just got an email saying there are cats in the president’s office,” referencing the Cats in the Oval Office campaign that has included cats in office furniture.

Smith, who has been on Fox News since the beginning, has been a vocal proponent of cats and their role in politics.

On Thursday, Smith told viewers that “CATS IN THE WHITEHOUSE” campaign was meant to help people like her.

“I am a cat person, I am a dog person, and cats have always been part of this country.

And I think the cats in our office are going to be a part of it,” she said.

“So I am excited to be part of the campaign.

Cats in Washington.

They are part of our country.

Cats are part, as you know, of our heritage.”

On Friday, Smith and fellow Fox News contributor Kimberly Guilfoyle went after Trump’s former chief strategist Steve Bannon, claiming he was “a white nationalist.”

Guilfinoyle, who works for Fox News, wrote that Bannon “had a history of promoting white supremacy and racism, including as Breitbart News CEO.”

She also claimed Bannon had “created the racist website The Daily Stormer” and called the White Senate the “most racist in history.”

Smith, a cat advocate, took a swipe at Trump’s chief strategist in a Facebook post that said, “Bannon has become a white nationalist.

His views have become so extreme that the most basic definitions of fascism are now being thrown around.

He is white nationalism.”

She went on to claim, “In addition to his racist views, he also believes that his administration has been corrupted by the Left.

This is because Bannon’s wife has been linked to the Hillary Clinton campaign.

His children, Ivanka, Eric and Eric Trump, have all served on the boards of the Clinton Foundation.

And this is why Bannon has become an enemy of America.”

The pair went on a tirade, calling Trump “a disgrace to the country,” and claiming that his family is “unreliable,” “a laughingstock,” and “the biggest joke in America.”

Smith also called Trump a “total and utter fraud,” adding, “His policies are a total disaster.”

The Fox News debate drew mixed responses on social media.

Many people took issue with the idea of cats in politics, and noted that the president has been in office for just two weeks.

Some people pointed out that cats are not a “cute animal” and are not allowed to be pets.

“This is a silly thing to say.

I have a cat, and I love it,” wrote user katie_d_k.

“No, I don’t like cats.

And that’s the thing, cats are a cute animal, and a lot of people do not like cats,” wrote another user.

Fox contributor and cat lover Lauren Wasser responded to the controversy, calling the idea “a little bit ridiculous.”

“What if the White house were called ‘The White House Cats?’

I guess I’d still love my cat, but I’d also have to deal with the fact that she’d be a little bit of a problem,” she wrote.