A political hotwire: What it means to be ‘Trumped’

In a moment that will change the way we all view the 2016 election, Donald Trump took to Twitter on Tuesday to explain how his supporters are more “pro-Trump” than his rivals.

He began by pointing to the way he was able to win the presidency, but then added: “So many people want to call me Trumped.

I’m a Pro-Trump man.”

The comments came during an interview with CNN, where he was asked about his political views.

Trump said that he was a Trumped “progressive” and “pro-“free speech” advocate.

He added that he felt “great pride” in being pro-gun rights, but not necessarily in opposing gun rights as he has “been called.”

Trump’s comments came as he was preparing to unveil a new TV ad that would show him as a “pro” for gun control.

The ad, which was to air on CBS this weekend, is called “The Only Choice” and will highlight his position on gun control, and will show him talking about his pro-labor record.

But Trump’s comments were not the first time he has been asked to weigh in on gun policy.

Earlier this month, he took to Facebook to respond to a question about the Orlando nightclub shooting, saying, “No, I am not pro-mass shootings.”

But, the next day, he responded to a tweet from another pro-Trump supporter: “The NRA and the Clinton campaign have tried to silence me, and I will not be silenced.

So many people have called me Trumpified.

“Trump has not directly addressed the issue of gun control since his presidency was first inaugurated in January.

He did, however, announce his intent to propose new gun control legislation in the coming weeks.

In January, Trump’s administration proposed a plan to ban assault weapons, bump stocks, and high-capacity magazines.

But it has since been abandoned.

The new plan also included the proposal to ban certain types of ammunition and devices, such as high-powered rifles.

The NRA has since come out in support of Trump’s gun control proposals.

But the organization also issued a statement in January that said, “The fact that President Trump wants to ban firearms that are capable of killing thousands of people shows a lack of understanding of how gun violence is actually carried out.”

In the past, Trump has criticized other pro-Second Amendment organizations, saying they are too soft on gun rights and that they do not support his agenda.

In March, he called for a “total and complete shutdown” of Muslims entering the U.S., calling for an end to all Muslims entering or residing in the country.

He also said that if elected president, he would impose a 90-day ban on Muslims entering America.