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The most popular political shirts and tee designs in the world are changing the way you shop, according to a new survey from political shirts maker PoliticalTees.

The firm’s study, which tracked Twitter and Facebook trends, found that people who buy shirts on Twitter are more likely to buy shirts from brands like Donald Trump and Ivanka Trump and are more interested in trending topics.

They are also more likely than people who shop online to look at products like Ivanka Trump’s jewelry and her fashion line, Ivanka Trump Fashion, that are based in Asia. 

The results come at a time when the Trump family is struggling to contain a rising tide of negative publicity over its treatment of women and minorities.

On Tuesday, Ivanka posted a video on Instagram where she explained that she and her husband had made an offer to Ivanka’s dad, real estate mogul Jared Kushner, that he would “take a big chance” on Kushner’s businesses.

“If I do this for you, I don’t want to be the one holding the bag for the Trump brand,” she said.

Donald Trump Jr. tweeted about the results of the survey on Tuesday night, saying that people are “stealing” the shirt designs from his dad and the shirts are “a real reflection of his views on women, minorities, and the economy.”

He continued, “If this is the direction you want to go, I’m ready to help you.”

This post has been updated to include an update on the political shirts company’s findings.