How to be a refugee in Canada

The government has said the policy of letting in refugees and migrants is “not a blanket policy” that would allow people to come and go as they wish.

The government says it’s trying to make Canada “a country of opportunity” and not a country of refugees.

The Liberals have promised a new immigration policy in which “everyone is welcomed into our country, no matter where they come from.”

But the government has not said how it would handle people who have come from war-torn countries.

On Monday, a refugee and a Canadian citizen who have been in the country since the fall of 2015 were taken into custody by the RCMP.

The RCMP said in a statement the two Canadians had crossed into Canada in the U.S. illegally from Guatemala.

The two have been charged with illegally crossing into Canada.

The Canadian government says people who enter Canada illegally have been known to commit serious crimes, and that some have even been deported from Canada.

Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen says the new policy will be “designed to ensure that Canada is a country that welcomes refugees and asylum seekers, while also protecting the public’s safety and security.”

He says Canada has “a strong record of protecting Canadians from violent crimes and terrorism,” but he adds that “the new policy does not include any measures that will make our immigration system less safe.”

Hussen added that Canada’s asylum-seekers and refugee-seekers are already receiving the “best protection possible.”

The new policy would allow refugees and immigrants to enter Canada without a visa, as long as they meet the minimum requirements.

In a statement, Hussen said that the new system “is intended to provide protection to those who are in a desperate need of protection.”

The government said it would “continue to work closely with Canadian authorities to develop a comprehensive plan that will address the concerns and concerns of those in this country who have crossed illegally, and who need protection.”