Why Animal Political Parties Matter

Political parties matter.

This is what you need to know if you’re a voter in Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Haryana or Maharashtra.

Political parties are not just parties.

They are organisations, which have a vested interest in achieving power.

As we saw in the recent elections, there are many organisations which have been created to take a stand on the issues and to shape policy in a certain way.

The animal political parties have their own issues and agendas and these agendas need to be shared.

We need to make sure that we get our priorities right and ensure that the animals in the process are protected.

The BJP is the first party to take on the issue of animal protection, but we need to take the same approach to the other parties, too.

This needs to be a joint effort with the people who are voting in these elections.

I am sure the BJP will have a strong campaign against the animal political party.

But the animal politicians should be given equal rights and not just be seen as the party of the rich.

We also need to have a campaign that is inclusive of all communities, and this needs to start with the animals.