Why does politics seem so bleak in Australia?

Political polls suggest the nation is struggling to make the most of its election campaign to 2020, with a high proportion of voters saying they don’t trust the politicians they cast their ballot for.

However, many voters are taking a more optimistic view, with the ABC/SBS Political Polls survey suggesting most Australians think things are about to get better, with 55 per cent saying the country is on the right track and 35 per cent expecting a “very good” or “very positive” result.

The survey also found the majority of Australians (70 per cent) believe the current political climate is good for Australia and has made Australia more “peaceful”.

“This is an interesting question.

On the one hand, it is a pretty clear indicator that the majority are in favour of a more peaceful, more prosperous, more liberal, and less political Australia,” political scientist Dr Andrew Bawden told Business Insider.”

On the other hand, on a positive note, it also suggests that Australians are more optimistic about the future than they were just a year ago.”

And the optimism, in my view, is particularly strong amongst younger Australians.

“Bawden said the results of the survey showed that people were not only looking forward to a better future, but were also looking for more positive outcomes from the upcoming election.”

It suggests that people are genuinely optimistic about how things will turn out, and are looking for an increase in positive outcomes and improvements in their lives,” he said.”

There is no reason to think that Australians will not have a good time in the next election.

“The poll also found that Australians were divided on whether the country should have a referendum on the status of the Indigenous people living in Australia, with 59 per cent of people saying it should not and 40 per cent opposing the idea.”

These are two separate questions.

The first is a question about whether we should have an Australian referendum on whether Aboriginal people should be considered Aboriginal and therefore have rights and responsibilities, and the second is a broader question about the relationship between the Australian community and Aboriginal peoples,” Dr Bawdan said.

He said it was likely that the survey results would show that Australians felt strongly about whether they wanted the Indigenous question to be included in the 2020 election campaign, but he cautioned that the data was still incomplete.”

I think it’s important to look at the survey data in context and to look, I think, at the context of the poll itself,” he told Business Insiders.”

We know that there is a lot of variation in sentiment around this, and we know that some Australians might be more optimistic than others, and in terms of the actual results, it will be important to see how they are going to look in the campaign.

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