Conservative MPs demand Senate confirm Kavanaugh vote today

Liberal MPs say the Senate should confirm Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court today, saying the nominee was “unconscionable” and could put the Senate “at risk of an impeachment trial.”

The motion, filed Monday, calls on Senate President John Horgan to confirm Kavanaugh’s confirmation without delay, saying he has a duty to preserve the integrity of the Senate.

The Liberals also said they would hold a “no-confidence vote” on the Supreme Judicial Court nomination.

In a statement, the Liberals said the Liberals would vote to hold a vote on the nomination without waiting for Horgan’s vote.

“We call upon Mr. Horgan and Senate President to immediately suspend nominations until the Senate completes the full and impartial investigation,” the Liberals’ motion says.

“If they are unable to do so, the Senate is at risk of being brought to an impeachment crisis.

Horgan said the Senate was “very close” to confirming Kavanaugh, but he has not been able to complete the investigation.”

We have been able, over the past several weeks, to make good progress and we expect to be able to make great progress,” Horgan said Monday.”

There is a long, long way to go.

“The motion said Horgan needs to take action now to ensure the Senate confirms the nomination of a judge who has a “moral obligation” to uphold the rule of law.”

The Senate is now in an extraordinary situation where the Senate has an obligation to confirm a Supreme Court nominee who has been unconscionably accused of sexual assault,” the motion said.

Horgan, a former Supreme Court justice, has not ruled on Kavanaugh’s sexual assault charges.

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau called on Horgan not to “halt the process.””

Mr. Horford has failed in his duty of care to ensure that the Senate, and not the Senate itself, has the power to confirm the nomination.

It is the duty of the executive branch to hold the Senate to account,” Trudeau said.”

That is why we call on Mr. [John] Horgan immediately to suspend nominations to the Senate until the full investigation into sexual assault allegations against Supreme Court nominees is completed.

“Horgan, however, has said he is waiting for the full Senate investigation to complete before he can make a decision.