The Politico playbook playbook, the best way to beat the news cycle

By Matt ZapotoskyAssociated PressThe Washington Post –The Republican National Committee (RNC) has hired a veteran political strategist to help it battle what it views as a growing Democratic bias in the news media.

In a move that the party’s senior strategist described as “a coup,” the RNC said Tuesday that Mark McKinnon, a former senior adviser to former President George W. Bush, would be its new chief political strategist.

McKinnon, who served as the chairman of the Republican National Lawyers Association and former chief of staff to Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.), will join the RNC as chief strategist, a senior Republican aide said.

McGillivray, who is also a senior adviser at the White House, previously served as chief of policy planning at the Republican Governors Association.

McKinkins role will be to help shape the RNC’s messaging to a news cycle dominated by partisan attacks and news coverage of the election, the aide said, declining to provide details.

McDonalds new hire, who has a long track record of experience working on Republican presidential campaigns, was named as a co-executive producer of the upcoming documentary “The Rules of Engagement,” which examines how to beat partisan news cycles and how to harness the power of social media to inform and engage voters.

The documentary will explore how Trump supporters, who overwhelmingly voted for Trump, have taken to social media and other tools to express their dissatisfaction with the campaign.

The campaign has been beset by negative stories, with some outlets reporting that Priebus had told staff to stop reporting on the election.

McMahon’s role will also involve the RNC building a team of top staffers who can be relied upon to challenge the news cycles, said the RNC aide, who was not authorized to discuss the hiring and spoke on condition of anonymity.

McConnell, a fellow Republican, has had to contend with a series of stories in the media about his health.

He has declined to comment on them publicly or to say whether he is in any danger of health problems.

McDonnell, who ran unsuccessfully for president in 2016, has been under scrutiny for a lack of activity, including missing Senate hearings and the GOP’s response to the Ebola outbreak in Africa.

The RNC, the party establishment and McConnell have been in a constant state of battle to win back the White Capitol after the GOP lost the popular vote in 2020.

McDONALD: I am the only one who can fix this election and I have to win this election.

This is not a race.

The only thing we can do is beat back the attacks and keep fighting for the people of this country.

McCONNELL: I think the most important thing is to keep the Republican Party united, to keep all of us united and keep our country united.

I think that’s the only thing that we can afford to lose.

McCLINTON: You know, I think this is a moment in time that’s going to make it more difficult for us to go back to the kind of normalcy we saw in the election cycle.

We’re going to need people who have done that and are willing to do it.

McCLAINTON: The only way we can win in November is to get back to where we started.