Why we need politico to save the Trump presidency

The Donald Trump presidency is officially over.

But, he didn’t have to die in a car crash, or suffer a heart attack, or even get punched in the face.

The president was saved.

And, for a long time, the American people have been thanking him.

And, in some ways, they are thanking him more than they were thanking him before.

For a long, long time now, Trump has been a punching bag, a thorn in the side of the political establishment.

The Republican Party’s leaders, from John McCain to Mitch McConnell to the GOP presidential candidates have all been in favor of the president.

They have all talked about how he is a threat to the republic.

And the more they talk about him, the more his supporters have turned on them.

They were right.

And Trump didn’t care.

In fact, he was so confident that he would win, that he took a number of people he considered friends and enemies and tried to keep them in his orbit.

And he has not changed one bit.

His tweets and his actions and his rhetoric and his tweets and whatnot, he has kept people up at night, at the office, and at home.

He has tried to do so while making the country look bad to the rest of the world.

And now, in this second year of the Trump administration, there is some good news for the American public.

The Trump administration has been good to the American economy.

The President has been able to make good on his promise to get rid of Obamacare.

He has also managed to keep the country in good shape.

But one of the problems that the American voters have had is that the President has kept them in a bad place, the President’s economic policies have been bad for the country, and the President himself has been bad to them.

We are now in the fourth year of a President who has done so much damage to the country and his supporters, and he has had to pay for it.

That’s why the people are not grateful for him anymore.