How to read and interpret RSS ‘pragmatic’ statements

A political commentator who has been quoted as saying the RSS is ‘principally pragmatic’ has been taken to task for his remarks.

Sankar Parikh, a senior editor and columnist for the Hindustan Times, was quoted in a column by the Indian Express on Tuesday in which he said that the RSS had ‘never made an overt political statement’.

“The RSS has never made an explicit political statement.

In fact, RSS members have never taken any political stand either.

RSS has always been a neutral political body, the same as the BJP,” Parikh said.

Parikh, who has written for the Express for the last 10 years, made the remarks in response to a question about the RSS’ political strategy.

“What we need to understand is that RSS has not been in a position to make a political statement for over 40 years.

The RSS has been a very pragmatist organization, which is why it has always remained neutral,” Parakh told the Hindutva Times.”

I don’t know how to read what the RSS has said in recent years.

If it is pragmatic, it means that it has never taken a political stand.

If pragmatic, the RSS should be in favour of democracy.

The BJP has been more pragmatic and its policies have been pro-development,” Parakhan added.

He said the RSS was more pragmatic than the BJP because it had never taken political stands.

“The BJP has always made an indirect political statement and so the RSS hasn’t had a single political stand since 1991.

It’s been a consistent political party,” he said.

“It has always taken a pragmatic position.

The only time the RSS went into political politics was after Independence.

But the RSS did not take a political position,” he added.