Hannah Palin ‘shocked’ to be voted Liberal party’s presidential candidate

Sarah Palin has described her shock at being voted Liberal Party’s presidential nominee by voters at a party breakfast.

Key points:Palin was the third-choice choice of most voters, despite her criticism of the party’s policiesSarah Palin is the only other woman to be named president of the Liberal PartySarah Palin, a former Alaska governor, will be the first female leader of the US political partyThe announcement comes as the party is set to host its first national convention at its Sydney headquarters in NovemberThe Liberal Party announced last week that it had picked Sarah Palin as its presidential candidate, in a surprise move that is likely to be a huge boost to the party as it seeks to win back the seat of Hobart-based Victoria.

Palin, a strong critic of the Coalition government, made her name in the US in 2008, when she was the US’s first female governor and then-New Mexico’s first woman governor.

She has also made controversial statements on issues such as gun control and abortion.

Palins victory comes as Australia faces its first wave of coronavirus, with the virus killing more than 1,300 people in NSW alone, including at least 50 in Hobart.

The Liberal party has also announced its first ever federal election campaign in October, with Sarah Palin being the only female candidate.

Palina’s campaign has focused on her record of working with the state’s business community, who have helped build the state into a powerhouse.

She is also expected to make a pitch for the party, highlighting her work with the Australian Renewable Energy Agency, a government agency that has helped develop wind and solar energy.

She was the first woman to hold the office of governor of Alaska and the first former governor of the state to be elected to the US Senate.

She previously ran the US state of Alaska for President in 2012 and was an early supporter of Donald Trump, the Republican nominee in the 2016 US presidential election.

“Sarah Palin has spent her career fighting for Alaska’s families, the environment, and working to help those less fortunate,” Liberal Party chair Greg Hunt said in a statement.

“She has been a leader in the fight for equality and a fighter for families.

Sarah Palin is uniquely qualified to lead the Liberal party and the American people, and we look forward to welcoming her to Australia and the Liberal family in November.”

Ms Palin has said she will seek a second term in office and is set for a major push for the Liberal candidate in the party convention this month.