How to get involved in a new political party

The Independent Political Party (IPP) is coming to the South Australian capital of Adelaide.

It’s the first Australian political party in South Australia, and its aim is to change the political landscape of the state.

Key points:IPP is a grassroots organisation with more than 5,000 membersThe aim is for an IPP to be formed in the next 12 monthsThe IPA will operate as a local political partyThe party is in its first year and has been operating under a $10,000 budgetThe idea behind the IPP is to form a local party to bring more people into politics.

Its a small, grassroots political movement.

It has about 5,200 members and has its headquarters in Melbourne.

Its not yet clear what the party’s agenda will be.

But the IPA has a lot of ideas for South Australians.

“Our primary concern is that people come to the table and say, ‘I want to get a seat on the council in Adelaide’.

And we want to do that by being a local, community-based political party that works with the people of South Australia,” said Lisa McEwen, the party chair.”

I think we’re getting there.”

Lisa McEwing says she hopes that by getting to know the community, IPP members will come together to find solutionsThe IPP aims to transform South Australia from a place of political parochialism to a vibrant and prosperous state.

In its first 12 months, it has already helped form local political parties in Adelaide and Launceston.

But Lisa Mc Ewen is confident that this new political organisation will be able to do much more.

“It’s been a great learning experience,” she said.

“We’re working with a lot more people than we’ve had previously.”

This is a very ambitious thing to do.

But we’ve learnt so much about how to build a local movement.

“We’re going to start to build up a movement that we think will change the world.”

The IPPA is a locally based, grassroots organisation which aims to change South Australia’s politics by bringing more people to the polls.

Its called the IPPA, and it’s not just a local branch.

Its also working to form an Australian political entity.

“What the IPIP is doing is putting together a local network of people who share the same political beliefs,” said Mr Mc Ewing.

“That way, you get people who are like minded who have a shared interest and they can work together.”

It’s an exciting time for South Australian politicsAs the state is coming back to life after a two-year hiatus, the state’s political scene is beginning to turn around.

The political scene in Adelaide is also returning to life.

While South Australia is still a state with a long way to go to achieve equality, the South Australians are beginning to take the lead.

“It really is a turning point in South Australian democracy,” said Liberal Senator Mark Dreyfus.

“[It’s] a good thing for our democracy because it’s opening up more space for other parties to participate.”

He says he’s been excited about the IPAP’s progress and hopes that more Australians will follow their lead.

“The IPIP has had a lot to do with our current situation in South Africa,” Senator Dreyfeus said.

“The IPPF has really pushed forward.

They’ve had a fantastic start.”

The IPPE’s first focus will be to find the next local political leader.

But the IPPF will be a part of the SA Election in 2020.

The IPA’s first target is to win the seat of Marrakesh for the South Australia Liberals.

“As the party grows, so will its focus,” Mr McEwens said.

The IPA wants to use its new platform to get candidates elected locally.

“But we also want to work with people across the country,” Ms McEwey said.

The IPAP is not just focused on Adelaide.

Its also looking at places like Launcestonia, which has been in state government since 2011.

“If we’re going after seats like Marrakess, we need to be looking at the state government,” Ms MacEwen said.

And she says the IPPE will be more involved in the SA election campaign than ever before.

“People are really excited about what’s happening in South Aus,” she explained.

“So we need more people involved in our campaign.”