The future of politics: Mapmakers map out how Trump is winning

By Jennifer SeemanThe political mapmaker has a lot of work to do.

For example, it is trying to figure out how the president will do in the 2020 presidential election.

It is also trying to make sense of how his supporters are responding to his policy agenda.

Mapmakers are trying to understand how Trump and his Republican colleagues are winning, and how they are winning.

Trump is doing his best to win the popular vote, and the electoral college.

Trump’s victory margins are narrower than Clinton’s, but Trump has been able to do so thanks to a wide swing of voters in key swing states such as Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

In contrast, Trump’s policies have been less successful in winning the popular and electoral vote.

He has not won the popular mandate for his agenda, and he has not been able do so without the electoral votes of more than half the states.

Mapmaker Jason Smith has been working on a map for about a year, and has compiled it into an interactive map.

This is a tool that allows users to see how the policies that the president is pushing are affecting the outcomes of each state.

He hopes it will help map out the Trump administration’s priorities and the priorities of their voters.

“The Trump administration is the polar opposite of the Trump agenda,” Smith said.

“They want to do the opposite of what the Trump people are doing.”

Trump is pushing policies that would increase the size of government, cut taxes and roll back environmental regulations.

Smith said his map will help the public understand that the administration is trying, and that they can have an impact.

“It is not just the Trump presidency that is a polar opposite to the Trump policies, it’s a very polar opposite in many ways,” Smith added.

Smith’s map has the potential to become a model for political mapping.

Smith has made a few maps before, and this is the first time that he has worked on a political map as a whole.

He said he hopes his work will help inform and inspire others.

“My hope is that people will make a map of their own based on the data we have gathered,” Smith told Next Big Futures.

“I hope that other people will share it, because that will help us all make better maps.”

The map shows how much of the United States is in the hands of Republicans and how much is in Trump’s control.

The map is currently available to download.