Slate’s political gabs are ‘fiercely honest’, and ‘unapologetically liberal’

Slate’s recent politics gab was full of biting commentary on a host of topics, including Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and the current political landscape.

The topic of the most recent episode of The Politics Gabfest was Clinton, with Slate’s Dan Schwerin taking a stab at it.

“I can say this about Clinton, she’s not a racist,” Schwerins opined, before going on to describe Clinton’s “blunt and unflinching” political style.

It’s something that I can’t believe she doesn’t have.””

And that’s a trait of Hillary Clinton that I think we need to see in her presidency.

It’s something that I can’t believe she doesn’t have.”

She has an almost superhuman capacity to look at an opponent and tell them, ‘Look, you’re not doing a very good job of being me, and I’m not doing you a good job.'””

It’s an admirable trait.

I mean, I love Hillary Clinton.

I’m a very big fan of her, and you know how hard it is to get me to like someone who is, you know?

She’s so smart and so good-natured, but she’s a tough cookie.

She’s a very hard cookie to get on.

“Schwerins went on to say that he was particularly impressed by Clinton’s honesty and willingness to put others before herself.”

She has to be. “

I think she is a very, very honest person.

She has to be.

I know I am.

I have to be a little more honest.

And it’s not because she’s being smart.

It is because she has to know how to deal with people and she has a real gift for that.

She can be very, not-so-gentle, and she knows that.

And she has that gift.”

Schweres interview with Schwer, published on Tuesday, comes as a number of prominent figures, including The New York Times columnist David Brooks, have come out against Clinton.

“For a woman in her position to be so unhinged is very hard,” Brooks wrote in a blog post for The Daily Beast on Tuesday.

“It is hard to believe that a person who is a career politician with a record of being wrong about everything, a woman who has been caught lying about the most important things in the nation’s history, and who is willing to put other people before herself, who has shown such contempt for the truth, would be elected president of the United States.”

“This is not the kind of country I would want to live in.

It does not reflect my values, and it does not represent who I am.”

Schwers interview with Brooks, published Monday, also featured criticism from The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah.

“There’s nothing about Hillary’s record of dishonesty that would make her fit in with my worldview,” Noah said on Monday.

“She’s not an ideologue.

She doesn’t want to be elected.

She never wants to be president of this country.

And her ability to manipulate people and convince them she’s right has made her very, much like the man who has put Donald Trump in the White House.””

It would be the same as what Hillary Clinton is doing to the rest of us.”

The Politics Gabfests latest episode was recorded before the first Republican debate between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, which was held on Monday, October 9.