How to make sure the world’s elections will be fair

How can India get its elections right?

If India can’t secure the right candidates to run, the results will be meaningless, says an expert.

In this week’s Politics Live podcast, Sudhir Sharma, a political commentator and former advisor to the Prime Minister, discusses the challenges that India faces in selecting its next prime minister.

The question at the heart of the election campaign is the quality of candidates and whether they can work in a coalition.

A majority of voters are unhappy with the candidates that they have seen running in the past and are likely to choose new candidates if they are seen to have no flaws.

The BJP and the Congress have fielded several candidates from the Congress-led alliance, but the BJP has a lot of options at its disposal.

The BJP’s choice of candidates for the elections is a gamble, and a gamble that has cost the party dearly.

The two main parties have been unable to garner enough votes for the government to be formed, and the ruling Congress is under pressure to form a government.

It is no wonder that many voters are dissatisfied with the results.

The polls were held in June and September, the months when elections were held for state elections in many states.

How to watch the electionsThe next election will take place in 2019, with the elections taking place between November 6 and 9.

Watch the next elections live on India’s TV channels.