What to know about the controversial ‘political asylum’ bill in Canada

Canada has approved the controversial political asylum bill that would allow the government to deport anyone who has committed crimes, including a crime, in another country.

The government passed the bill on Wednesday by a vote of 78 to 15, with just three Liberal and one Conservative MPs voting against the legislation.

The vote came a day after two Conservative MPs, who support the bill, withdrew their support.

The bill passed the House of Commons on Wednesday, but failed to get past the Senate where it faces a vote on Thursday.

It is the second time in two months that Canada has passed controversial legislation aimed at deporting foreigners accused of crimes in another jurisdiction.

Last week, the government passed a controversial law that allows the government, by the end of this year, to deport those who have committed crimes in Canada or elsewhere and has faced criticism from rights groups and human rights groups.

The legislation was originally introduced in the House on July 4.

The bill was amended after the Conservative government brought the bill to the Senate on Aug. 9, after it was criticized by human rights advocates.

The legislation allows the Immigration Minister to send an offender to a foreign country, and the bill also allows for deportation if the offender is a national of a foreign state.