The world’s 10 fastest growing cities for 2016

The world is becoming more crowded and crowded places are becoming more expensive to live in, according to the World Economic Forum.But cities are also becoming more affordable to live, which may mean that the world’s most populated cities are finding themselves more affordable places to live.The 10 fastest-growing cities […]

Donald Trump has a problem with women

President Donald Trump is reportedly being investigated by the US Senate for allegedly making a sexually suggestive comment to a woman he met in a restaurant in Washington DC last week.According to The Washington Post, Senator Al Franken, a Democrat from Minnesota, is also investigating the comments.The allegations, first reported […]

Political porn, political games, political memes

Political porn has become one of the most popular forms of entertainment in Australia, with the number of online videos on Pornhub doubling every month since January.And while political porn is certainly not new to the Australian scene, the country’s politics has become even more heated in recent months as […]

Is this the new Hillary Clinton?

Is this what political porn looks like?This is how we do political porn.The porn is for the political platform that you’re using right now.And it’s really interesting.For example, one of the most common porn platforms on the internet right now is for Hillary Clinton.This is actually the platform of her […]

How to read the signs of a political activist

FourFour2 Political activist: A guide to political signs article A political activist is someone who is active in a political movement.They may be a politician, a journalist, a campaigner, a lawyer, a politician’s spouse, or a political party.They can be from one of the following backgrounds: they are from the […]


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