How to find the politics of fracking

An independent political map of the United States shows how the political system in the country is structured by where the energy companies get their money, and what they get out of it.The map, created by political scientist and activist Eric Trigg and released this week by the nonprofit Center […]

Which political signs are worth the money?

The first of these political signs was spotted in a parking lot at the New York Stock Exchange, where some traders were preparing to meet. The sign on the sign that looked like a big, square, circle with the words, “TRUMP” on it, was for a Trump rally.The sign was displayed […]

How to get a top political donor and get away with it

Polite Cat is not the polite society she purports to be.It is a cat cafe, where people sit at long tables, drinking coffee, and eating bacon, egg rolls and other bacon-flavoured snacks.In the cat cafe are tables that are stacked with political donations.The donations are for the candidates, the parties […]

How to make sure the world’s elections will be fair

How can India get its elections right?If India can’t secure the right candidates to run, the results will be meaningless, says an expert.In this week’s Politics Live podcast, Sudhir Sharma, a political commentator and former advisor to the Prime Minister, discusses the challenges that India faces in selecting its next […]

How to interpret the identity politics definition

There are a lot of reasons to use the term “identity” in political discussions.Politicians, pundits and the general public alike tend to be drawn to terms that are generally thought of as identifying with a particular group.For example, most Americans identify as white, male, middle class, conservative, Republican or libertarian.But […]


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