Why I’m voting for Trump

When I first read the news, I thought: How is this a Republican?How is it possible that the president has a majority in the House?The answer: The GOP is a minority party.In a country of 240 million people, only six House members are Republicans.A third of the 435 members of […]

How to write an opinion

article definition article The best way to write a political opinion article is to use the internet, so it’s time for us to introduce the Politico Dictionary.This is our new and improved version of the Politicopedia, and we hope you enjoy it!Politico Dictionary article Politicico dictionary The best political article […]

Women in politics – The politics of women

Political parties are often a social phenomenon and political parties are all about making a statement.But as a woman politician, you are also a political leader and have a stake in making sure that your voice is heard.You have a role to play and you have to speak your mind.With […]

How to interpret the identity politics definition

There are a lot of reasons to use the term “identity” in political discussions.Politicians, pundits and the general public alike tend to be drawn to terms that are generally thought of as identifying with a particular group.For example, most Americans identify as white, male, middle class, conservative, Republican or libertarian.But […]

Which is the best president?

In the midst of the presidential election, the Washington Post published a piece titled, Which is more important: A president’s legacy or the legacy of his administration?The answer is, both.It’s important to note that, in this article, the article focuses solely on the political science side of the political equation.However, […]

How Tom Brady is trying to save his legacy

Tom Brady’s career is in jeopardy as he faces a potential five-year contract extension with the New England Patriots.The veteran quarterback, whose career was marred by injury and his retirement in 2016, is hoping to sign a five- or six-year extension before his contract expires at the end of the […]


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