The Daily Beast’s Chris Landon looks at the political landscape in Florida and Florida politics.He writes that political leaders like Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, and Donald Trump are taking on new, different approaches.And, as Politico reports, they are using the same playbook.The political landscape of Florida is changing.Political leaders like […]

How much is too much? The new rules are just the beginning

What’s a politician to do?In the United States, the rule that says politicians must not raise money for political campaigns has become the new norm.But in Europe, the rules are not so simple.In Germany, the same principle is now in place for national parliaments. In a rare interview, Germans chancellor Angela Merkel […]

Politico: Politico’s new podcast for 2016

By Andrew HarnikPolitico is introducing its new podcast, Politics, with a focus on the political news and politics of 2016.The podcast will be released on Monday and features interviews with some of the 2016 presidential hopefuls, as well as former presidential candidates including Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.The first episode […]

How to write a positive

about Trump article A common mistake many people make is to ignore Trump’s rise and popularity in politics and focus instead on his flaws, said Dr. Richard Thaler, a senior lecturer in the Department of Sociology at Sydney University.“You don’t have a political platform, so the best you can hope […]

How to stop the Trumpocalypse

What’s happening now?What are the major issues facing the US right now?And what can we do about them?Our political system is so broken that I’m starting to wonder if it is the first time in modern American history that the country has seen a president of the opposition win the […]


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